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Finding the right resources to help support your client health care needs is challenging. Maintaining binders of information on community resources or searching websites takes time and quickly becomes outdated. Often these resources are needed to support an immediate health need, a discharge from a hospital, or manage a life-changing health event. Whatever the need, Resource Connection® will help you easily locate needed resources, track the progress of services, and maintain a history of services ordered.

Serving Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries is a significant responsibility, one that requires coordination of a multitude of services and resources. Integrating care in a manner that protects and supports a beneficiary’s person-centered plan is critical.

Resource Connection® is an integrated tool designed to support the care coordination process across the complex spectrum of aging, behavioral health and disability resources resulting in:

  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Better health outcomes
  • Reduced hospital readmissions
  • Reductions in unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Increased beneficiary satisfaction with delivery of their health care benefits

Here's how it works.

Through a direct-order process, a Resource Link® registered client, either individual or organization, will be allowed access to the Resource Connection® to request services from participating Resource Connection® agencies and providers. Once a service is requested, it will be virtually routed to the appropriate Resource Connection® agency for service fulfillment. Upon service completion, an invoice and payment will be automatically generated.

It’s that simple.

Resource Link® will be your trusted business partner as you navigate services through the Resource Connection®. If you have any issues or concerns regarding the services provided by an agency, Resource Link® will be available to assist you to the correct solution. No need to take this journey alone.


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